A number of Human Resource Managers are being asked for their views on the Taylor Review.

Here’s our very simplistic view:

Firstly, and an obvious point, but still worth making; the Taylor Review has not changed the law; it is merely a report for Government to consider. Any changes in the law may be a long-way off and could look very different to what is in the Review. The Government is pre-occupied with Brexit and who knows how long Theresa May will be PM.

Secondly, how this will play out is guesswork. The report is vague in many places and gives rise to more questions than answers.

We could all lose spend hours keeping up with the latest proposals, reports and responses from interest groups.  When there is a clear proposal, we will let you know.

Taylor Report (in a nutshell)

Zero-hours – proposes a right to request fixed hours after 12 months service.

Agency workers – proposes a right to request an employment contract after 12 months service.

Employment Status – proposes abolition of tribunal fees solely to determine status.

Tribunal Fees – suggests Government should look to reduce these but no detailed proposals.

Gig Economy – proposes replacement of ‘worker’ status with ‘dependent contractor’. A possible remodelling of the definition, to place more emphasis on control; and

Gig-economy – proposes changes to minimum wage legislation, to adapt the formulae for the minimum wage. Note: the term gig economy has no legal definition (yet)!

If you really want more detail on any of the above, at this stage, please let us know.